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ATA Group includes:

ATA Industrial Holdings (H.K.) Co., Ltd.

ATA Machinery (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

ATA Carbon Fiber Tech. Guangzhou Co., Ltd.


ATA Industrial Holdings (H.K.) Co., Ltd. focuses its business on trading and investment. It has entered into cooperation with top suppliers of technology and equipments in the filed of high performance fibers and composites such as SAHM (Germany, Winders and Systems),  TPT(Switzerland), DURR (Germany, Abatement System), CDI (USA, Prepreg Machinery). Meanwhile, in the spirit of “Open, Self-confidence, Sharing”, the company as an “Advanced Technology Spreader”,  sticks to the goal of refreshing international advanced technology and market information among its peers regularly.


ATA Machinery (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in manufacturing and selling complete plastic woven sacks making machinery. As a pioneer, ATA Machinery together with its peers has introduced Chinese machinery broadly to the global market. Keeping innovation, ATA has become the only company in the world which masters the technology of three world-famous circular weaving. ATA has also been actively exploring extruder technology and has cooperated with Rai Hsing Plastics Machinery Works Co., Ltd, which is the most famous extruder company in Taiwan, to offer all kinds of plastic monofilament equipments and processing knowledge to China market. Meanwhile, ATA collaborates sincerely with its domestic partners to provide customers with the highest cost-effective coating, bag-making, and printing equipments.


ATA Carbon Fiber Tech. Guangzhou Co., Ltd. has two main businesses: Technology & Equipments for Carbon Fiber, Advanced Composites Innovation Hub (ACIH). Based on the experience and technology of international top experts, ATA has developed a series of carbonization equipments such as Heavy-duty Unwinding Creel, Heavy-duty Bobbin Handling System, Constant Tension Driven System, Low, High & Ultra-high Temperature Carbonization furnace, Surface Treatment and Sizing equipments. Together with the suppliers of  DURR (Germany, Abatement System) and SAHM (Germany, Winders and Systems), ATA is able to provide the integrated solutions for entire carbonization line with high quality, high efficiency and cost competitiveness. The goal of ACIH is: integrating international high-quality resources to provide industrialized and commercialized advanced composites solutions for domestic customers. In ACIH of ATA, we have small scale production to demonstrate to customers how composites products are produced, and provide sampling services in the purpose of minimizing customers’ risk to establish composites production plants.


The above mentioned three companies were established at different stages of history and witnessed ATA’s development in “Trading, Engineering, Technology”. In the new historical stage, based on traditional industries and constant technology innovation, ATA will strive to build its “Irreplaceable Competitiveness” to provide products and services of higher value to the market.

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