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Partners for Technology & Manufacturing


Lanzhou Aviation Control Instrument Co. Ltd. 


China's large-scale integrated enterprise in aviation industry, working as an expertise to develop and produce automatic flight control systems and other aviation instruments. 





Sichuan Sanjiang Machinery. Co. Ltd.

Affiliated to China’s Aviation Industry Group, mainly produce hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel and ejection escape system and its accessories for aircraft, life-support systems accessories for manned space flight project. 




Changzhou Hengcheng Machinery Co., Ltd


Professional company specializing in plastic machinery, with a strong machining and processing capability.





Shantou Far East Machinery Co., Ltd


Mainly specializing in plastic coating equipment, history-honored experience.


Partners for Marketing & Sales



SAHM (Germany)


Winding technology leader, providing the winding device for various high-performance fibers (carbon fiber, aramid, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, etc.), special fiber (monofilament, coated yarn etc.) and tapes (safety tape etc.)






 HELD designs and manufactures customer specific presses and pressing plants specializing in isobaric Double Belt Presses (DBPs) with continuous throughout.






The world's leading abatement system technology ,Environmental clean ,especially in carbon fiber production areas of specific application solutions.






Leader in prepreg technology to provide hot melt and solvent prepreg equipment, as well as other downstream equipments for slitting and rewinding after prepreg, keeping pace with the development of composite materials industry in last 53 years.







North Thin Ply Technology (TPT) is revolutionizing the world of laminate composites with significantly improved mechanical properties and the freedom to position each microfiber optimally for its intended use, with no limitation to angle, area or thickness.

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