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Toray ‘s layout and competition

2012-11-29 9:39:18

On August 14th, in Nanjing road of a certain brand of clothing store, Shanghai City,the 2012 London Olympic Games Chinese athletes wearing several clothing hanging on the door to see. When asked about the clothing fabric manufacturer, a number of sales personnel 's first reaction is to bow at the tag. These " champion dragon suit " with 100% recycled fiber fabrics, by the Toray in Jiangsu Nantong company production.

On the same day, Ethiopia Airlines ( Ethiopian Airlines, referred to as " ET " ) received its first Boeing 787, which is also the first " Dreamliner " Africa, the plane accounted for 50% of the composite material, is provided by Toray.It has 86 years of materials experience for the main business, until in the early 70 century to cut a striking figure. Come nearly 40 years, through diversification strategy for the continuous extension, eventually established the carbon fiber reinforced plastic ( Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics, CFRP of the following abbreviation ), a variety of composite materials for supremacy, and because of a Boeing 787 major supplier for attention." Black gold " booster " green dream”.

In the year of the Farnborough air show, a Qatar Airways ( Qatar Airways ) Boeing 787 debut flight performance, attracted a large number of visitors to line of sight. Although earlier only All Nippon Airways Co ( All Nippon Airways Co., referred to as " ana " ) and Japan Airlines ( Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., referred to as " JAL " ) the two airlines operating the machine, but the recent Boeing delivery range has been gradually expanded.

Reportedly, the end of the year, Boeing will continue to air India ( Air India ), Qatar Airways, Poland Airlines ( LOT Polish Airlines ), China Southern Airlines, Hainan airlines, American Airlines United Airlines ( United Air Lines, Inc. ) and Chile Airlines Company delivery of the aircraft. This also means that,Toray composite materials will fully accept aviation market testing.

The Boeing 787 composite material with high proportion of 50%, far higher than other civil airliner boeing. In terms of economy, compared to the Boeing 767, the Boeing 787 has a higher fuel efficiency, unit of carbon emissions are reduced, thanks in large part to the use of CFRP. CFRP is composed of a plastic substrate ( epoxy resin ) surrounded by a carbon fiber composition, resin for fiber to support and protect, its density is lighter than aluminium 30%, 50% light than steel, absorbs the energy of the impact performance of strong, in corrosion, fatigue and aging etc also have the good performance.

CFRP therefore known as " black gold ", the Toray production of carbon fiber prepreg cloth composite material composed of high strength carbon fiber and reinforced epoxy resin composition, before the Boeing 777 tail and floor beam structure with excellent performance. Toray managing director Onishi prevailing will of Boeing 787 called "the dream of the black plane”.

Beihang University professor Fan Yuqing said, due to use of composite materials, the Boeing 787 fuselage section eliminates need for 1500 aluminum alloy sheet metal parts and 4~5 million connecting pieces, so that the body structure size becomes smaller, and lighter and more rugged, repair costs can also save 30%.

The carbon material as a collector strong tensile strength and soft fiber workability two advantages as a reinforcing fiber, the density of the carbon fibers is less than 1/4 of the steel, but the tensile strength was 10 times that of steel. During the carbon fiber overlap for the production processes of the fibrous layer 787 has a strong toughness high toughness particles reinforced matrix resin adhesives, the role played in between the layers, a substantial increase of the aircraft, especially the intensity of the cabin . Composite fuselage in addition to reduce the weight of the structure and to reduce structural fatigue, but also to provide travelers with a larger cabin windows and more comfortable seating environment. "Fan Yuqing said:" The international airlines look forward to the 'green 'airliner give air travel brings revolutionary change.

Except for CFRP, PAN-based carbon firber (PAN-CF) was widely used for Boeing 787 ,every aircraft have 23tons composites materials.

The aircraft will use a higher percentage of carbon fiber composite material in future ,has become the general consensus for experts in this industry .Many experts said that aircraft structural compoents for civil and military will use more carbon fiber composite materials in future is an inevitable trend .Pubicly information shows , form the Boeing 737,Boeing 767 and then to 777,Boeing 787 , the proportion of CFRP was continuously improved .Boeing 787’s CFRP consumption is 350times than the Boeing 737. However ,CFRP parts ,also from the initial secondary structural materials change to a structural material little by little.

Lucintel publish the research report , the global carbon fiber market will reach $ 2.3 billion by 2015. In recent years ,the carbon fiber market size will continue growth by more ten percentage per year .

Toray’s growth momentum ,benefit by the rapid development of the market demand .Only in the field of the aerospace ,from Boeing 777 to Boeing 787 and the Airbus A380, the market share of Toray was continue to expand. Signed with Boeing 787 vendor contracts for 18 years ,only this one single contract worth about $ 3 billion.The air and material companies’s cooperation will be one of the reasons for this aircraft called “quasi-domestic”.

Toray’s recent action is more broad ,satellite ,waterless offset plates ,water purifiers ,medical dialysis equipment ,carbon fiber sports car , Toray fiscal year 2011 showed ,Toray products sales turnover grew 3.2%,operating profit increased by 7.6%,operating profit grew by 11.1%,the current net profit rose 10.9%,consolidated profit rose 81.0%.

Only in the performance of carbon fiber ,Toray is expected to reach 140 billion yen by 2015 fiscal year ,the figure is twice than the 2010 fiscal year .sports goods and other products ,are visible Toray label.Affected by financial crisis , Japan’s GDP was -0.9% in all the 2011.

So that part of the contrast set off the success of Toray ‘s business strategy.The remarkable performance of the Toray diversification strategy,try to advance to thecountries and regions outside Japan ,targeted to expand the product line .A series of actions to be regarded as a “contraian “move Toray economic downturn in Japan.Prior to this ,Toray has been in business in Shanghai ,Zhejiang ,Jiangsu,Guangdong,Hongkong and many other areas .

In Toray Korean subsidiary is expected in January next year completed and put into production ,the investment of carbon fiber production equipment capacity is 2200 tons/year.Toray called this “in South Korea and China ,Asia’s rapidly growing carbon fiber market response “.Up to 2020,located in Toray South Korea Advanced Materials Corporation investment will reach 2.32 trilon won .

In early 1992, Toray and Boeing cooperation in the construction of the composite production line ,located in Washington state in the United States of Tacoma,not far from the Boeing assembly plant . Toray Shijing minister described it as “easy and Boeing running environment”.

The industry analysis ,to emphasize the “green”,”enverioment protection”concept in Toray, take each step before ,have to feel the pulse of the market as the prerequisite,in materials industry layout “hit out in all directions”,not only made the R&D business expands somewhat,also make use of other regional resources superiority.

In contrast, Toray on the disclosure of informations on related strategies were cautious.The newspaper reporters repeatedly and Toray international trade (China)Co.,ltd,Toray (China)investment company Limited,Toray institute of materials research and development (China)Co.,ltd., were “not convenient interview”reason to refuse.

Development of the composites material bring a material revolution in many kinds of fields ,but also makes the production method has gradually become the potential of the feudal lords vying for the throne.The Toray layout of international market at the same time ,the competitors are to expand their business scope.

Compare to traditional material , the carbon fiber cost were still high.Including Toray’s manufacturers to develop new technology ,through mass production and restructuring of production chain to reduce costs,to achieve the purpose of popularization.The world famous carbon fibers material suppliers Japan Toho,carbon fiber materials synthesis time reduced from 5 minutes to 1 minutes ,if successful ,alleged”it will be a revolutionary technological breakthrough”.

Japan's Toray, Toho and Mitsubishi Rayon three companies accounted for nearly 80% of the world's carbon fiber production. The Toray in Boeing 787 is outstanding performance, but the strength of the other two should not be overlooked. Some analysts said that the expected PAN-CF global demand will reach 10 million tons by 2018. 7 carbon fiber manufacturers announced plans to expand production by 78% in the next 3 to 5 years, for a total investment of $ 1.3 billion. Carbon fiber business opportunity is the energy and environmental issues, and efforts to expand the market, and which ranked the top three Japanese companies the most competitive. With the industry's view that the short-term, in carbon fiber production capacity, Toho, and Mitsubishi Rayon more difficult to catch up with Toray, but three are comparing the research and development capabilities and production capacity, competition in the future who will win is still difficult to judge.

Forecast based on Toho The use of aircraft in carbon fiber composites will be an average annual rate of 12% in the next few years to continue to grow.Toho has plans for Bombardier C Series aircraft carbon fiber composite material. "Companies are always looking to own the stage." An industry insider said the reporter. Not only in aviation, in the supply of automotive production in carbon fiber, three different manufacturers to cooperate and compete:Like Toray and Mercedes-Benz, Toyota cooperation, Toho in cooperation with the General Motors Corporation, Mitsubishi Rayon and BMW.

However, in the entire field of composite materials, the top three companies’ competition is difficult to compare who wins. Composite material latecomers in catching up with leader, and the leader is also developing. The trend of the future is to be proved.

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