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The thermoplastic resin carbon fiber composite material or breakthrough production difficulties killer

2012-12-4 9:13:36

Highlights: The thermoplastic resin carbon fiber composite materials or breakthrough production as 2008 to 2012 the year of the five-year plan, Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) implementation of the industry-university cooperation projects to achieve low power consumption, recycling-oriented society carbon fiber composite material.

The project is starting from the point of view of global warming countermeasures, For automotive research and development of new carbon fiber material. Participating in the project, including the Advisory Committee, Toray, Mitsubishi Rayon, Toyobo, Tokyo University, Northeastern University, Kyoto process fiber University 11 companies and universities. Towards the adoption of the original iron replaced by this new material, 30% reduction of vehicle weight." If electric vehicles (EV) combined with carbon fiber, the Japanese auto industry will be more powerful "University of Tokyo School of Engineering and Sciences Professor Takahashi Shun said. '

Professor Takahashi Shun said"Although lighten the weight of the gasoline vehicles are also very important, but for Japan, has greater significance than its weight reducing electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles (HEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV)."

Currently, electric cars and hybrid vehicles are gradually gained popularity. Become the subject here is the rechargeable battery. It is predicted that in the future in the field of rechargeable batteries for electric cars and hybrid vehicles equipped with lithium-ion battery will to become mainstream. However, lithium is a "rare metals, mainly dependent on imports of raw materials. Higher prices hinder electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles reduce prices has become an important reason. Moreover, the charging time is also a larger issue. For example, the Mitsubishi Motors electric vehicle "i-MiEV", using ordinary household power, more than eight hours to fully charged. However, by reducing vehicle weight to improve fuel efficiency, both the battery miniaturization, can also reduce the price of electric cars and hybrid vehicles, and to promote its further popularization. Can also reduce dependence on China, shorten the charging time. The rechargeable battery will be resolved. Professor Takahashi Shun stressed: "The ability to achieve vehicle weight lightweight, only Japan has the absolute international competitiveness of carbon fiber." Is not suitable for mass production of the original composite

Carbon fiber material was invented by Japanese about 50 years ago . Its greatest charm is in light weigth and high strength.Weights is the iron of one quarter,but the intensity is 10 times than the iron  and will not rust .

Therefore ,as one of the important trump card to achieve a low-carbon society ,has been a global concern .For example ,in order to improve fuel efficiency ,use plastic resin solidification of carbon fiber “carbon fiber composite materials(CFRP=carbon fiber reinforced plastics)”is used in the latest aircraft “Boeing 787” body.

Up to 2012 ,about 7 percent of the global share of carbon fiber from Toray(34%),Toho(19%) and Mitsubishi Rayon Group(16%) occupied ,is one of the strongest industries in Japan’s international competitiveness .

Despite all were called carbon fiber , and all kinds of quality and application,especially the carbon fiber used in the Boeing 787,is the crystallization of the sweat and tears of the Toray spent 40 years developed .

 “Although the United States and China is committed to the development of carbon fiber ,but I think that the other countries in terms of quality is diffcult to catch up with Japan”,Professor Gao Qiao have good confidence.

Due to the light weight and high strength ,in fact ,is not only the aircraft ,carbon fiber composite material has been applied to the international “F1”racing ,racing body ,part of the wind power windmill ,fishing rods and tennis rackets .

However ,it will not speak of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles ,and why even gasoline vehicles had none of them adopted ?
The reason is that the existing carbon fiber composite material can not be mass-produced . Therefore ,the purpose of the project is to develop a mass production of carbon fiber composite material .
     Existing carbon fiber composite materials in addition to can not be mass-produced , high price and can not be recycled topics . These topics are actually from the plastic properties of the rsin now in use .we will strive to solve all of above issues .

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