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AIO Godets in Aramid field
AIO Godets in Aramid field  
The parameters  
Model:Dienes AIO Godets Speed:200 to 800m/min ±0.5m/min
Typical Godet Size:φ 250 × L 460 mm Working Teamperature:Normally at 300℃, up to 550℃
Main technical characteristics:  

DIENES AIO Godet applied in Aramid Production Line


DIENES became known as one of the first companies in Europe launching inductive heated draw rolls for multi-position machines. An important breakthrough for DIENES was brought by the sophisticated AIO-series with their integrated drive and control system, extensively used for Aramid processes. In combination with the development of inductive heated rolls also static heaters were created and used as positional or sectional contact or non-contact assemblies for multi-position machines. Control systems for drive and heating are delivered by DIENES together with godets and static heaters.



Typical Performance Data of AIO Godets in Aramid field


Godets Speed:                         200 to 800m/min ±0.5m/min

Typical Godet Size                   ? 250 x L 460 mm

Working Temperature              Normally at 300, up to 550

Heating zones:                         Six-zone induction

Temperature profile                 ±1-1.5

Control accuracy                     ±0.2

Draw force per Godet              150N

Cooling device                        Integrated secondary cooling circuit system

Tilting function                       Included


Picture of AIO Gode              HMI with Control system                Contactless Signal Transmitter


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