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Electromechanical Chief Engineer


- Qualifications:
1, age 40-60 years old, retired and old technology engineers priority;
2 degrees more than eight years of the machinery industry R & D technology research experience;

- Requirements:
1, college or above education, electromechanical professional;
2, have engaged in large-scale machinery, plastic woven machinery industry technology development, design graphics experience, familiar with the mechanical and electrical performance and mechanical and electrical control technology;
Electrical system control design 3,8 years professional work experience, with the entire production line electrical control experience is preferred;
4, have good language skills, articulate the design concept, and is responsible for the improvement and enhancement of products the mechanical part of the R & D and technology;
5 proficient professional electrical mapping software and CAD, PRO / E and other graphics software;
6, with the electrical control system design and PLC programming expertise;
7, are familiar with the Siemens (SIEMENS) system or Rockwell (Rockwell) system;
8, of good character, hard-working, can afford to work under pressure.
9, subject to management, the timely completion of the tasks of the higher authorities.
10, place of work: Yonghe Development Zone

The information sent to the above positions please: hr@atamachinery.com indicate applied position, cooperation is met.

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